Our current Congressman is fighting against the change that we desperately need.  She supports the murder of the unborn, she is against the tax cuts our families need, she supports the failing Obamacare health plan, and is against the average American as she pushes to increase the size and tyranny of the Federal Government.

Don’t you think it is time for a positive change? 

PRO-LIFE: Without exception, we must protect all life – from conception to natural death.  One thing Jim will do is vote against ALL spending that funds any organization that murders unborn children – like Planned Parenthood (there’s an oxymoron for you).  We must protect ALL life.

PRO-1st AMENDMENT: Jim will protect American’s Right to freedom of religion, free association, and free speech.  The Government is to protect those Right’s, not define them, limit them or attack them as we have seen happening these past many years.

PRO-2nd AMENDMENT: Jim will protect American’s Right to self-defense and the right to bear arms – unfringed.

PRO-4th AMENDMENT: Jim will vote against un-Constitutional laws – like the Patriot Act or FISA courts – that attack our Right to Due Process.  We should be free from our Government spying on us.

PRO-FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY: Jim will vote against any budget that doesn’t start to decrease spending while keeping military spending the same or increasing.  We have to reduce spending!

PRO-WALL: Jim wants to “Build the Wall” along our Southern Border.  We need to be safe in our own country.

PRO-IMMIGRATION: Jim is for LEGAL immigration into our country.  Legal immigration will be fair for all when we stop the flow of illegal entry into our country.  We must become a country that once again follows our own laws.

PRO-TERM LIMITS: Jim will push for a Term Limit Constitutional Amendment.  Regardless, Jim will self limit his time as a U.S. Representative, if elected, to 8 years.  We need citizen representatives, not career politicians.

PRO-EDUCATION: If elected, Jim will introduce a bill eliminating the Department of Education getting the Federal Government out of our kid’s education.  We need parents in control of their children’s education, not government.

PRO-BUSINESS & JOBS: The best way to grow businesses and create jobs is to get the government out of the way.  Jim will work to reduce regulations and red tape.  We must reduce government interference if we want job growth.

PRO-OBAMACARE REPEAL: Jim wants to see Obamacare immediately repealed.  Jim wants the government out of the healthcare business.  We need the free-market to provide affordable healthcare options for all!


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About Jim Burgess:  Jim has been married for 12 years and is the father to 3 children.  Jim and his family have attended Grace Brethren church for over 15 years and are active in the children’s ministry.  He was elected to and currently serves on the Republican Franklin County and State Central Committees.  Jim works in Dublin and manages a global team for a $2B company.

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